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In regard to our recordings it is important to highlight the follow:

Very often the listener can’t immediately understand and evaluate a recording properly. There can be several reasons for this- first, the sound tract could not be good enough. That means the system requires improvements, and this is what we can help with. When you do a direct comparison you will immediately realize our solution is far superior.

The sound tract used for the recording has been confirmed and approved by a live conductor, comparing sound from headphones directly to the live sound.

Sounds corresponds and even exceeds live sound in a concert hall - and this is something new we have to realize!

Recording performed with two microphones setup in the best listening point in the hall - 5 meters high above the middle of second row in parterre. This is the way it’s been done since the beginning of the era of sound recording. We also consider it the best way and suggest everyone to do it this way, but on the next quality level. Listeners recognize an obvious difference, comparing what they hear on their seat in the hall to the sound in the headphones. It makes a great impression and we invite you to take part in our sound recording work. You are welcome to join us coming to Milano the next time we record repetitions in LaVerdi. We are sure this unique experience will make a great impression on you!

You most like have some favorite records, that you playback to evaluate some sound systems. You chose these records after many hours of listening because you liked it better than others. It is some kind of searching of compromise when a record corresponds to a sound tract and gives a less than acceptable result. It’s now time to look at it from a new perspective - no more looking for compromises. All the perfect solutions are found and the evaluation methods exist. The recordings we made are the best instrument to sort out what is the best! Our mission is to provide the solution that enables you to make more perfect DACs for your admirers. We’re on your team and we win together!

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