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The whole world is getting more and more digital everyday, but it looks like this progress isn't touching the High End industry. High End sound requires each and every part of High End system to be perfect. Real High End adherents remain comitted to completely analog sound. The Cornerstone that hasn't allowed digital sound to get in High End till now, was Digital-to-Analog conversion component.

The time has come to let the digital progress come to High End World now. We would like to introduce you to our great invention SpeedMatrix - New Generation of DAC Architechture!

A breakthrough technology that makes digital audio sound as perfect as never before. It's fairly simple to implement, but the sonic results will be immediately obvious.

SpeedMatrix is the result of many years of hands-on experience from talented engineer, Master Leonardo in audio products development. A real visionary, Leonardo dedicated his life efforts to making audio equipment that sounds as good as possible.

Technology & Application

When consumer digital audio was initially introduced in 1981 in a form of Compact Disc (CD) the advertisers promised 'Perfect Sound Forever'. Unfortunately those statements were misleading to say it mildly. Discerning consumers complained of listener fatigue and general harshness of this digital medium. It took many years for the engineers to side step the initial deficiencies and uplift the median level of sound quality to a level acceptable to advanced users.

Now the dream has come true. SpeedMatrix is a revolutionary technology platform, based on a new unheard digital-to-analogue conversion algorithm, enabling production of new generation audio systems to satisfy the expectations of well-heeled customers, giving uncompromised sound.

SpeadMatrix is a giant leap forward in sound quality exceeding all existing high end DACs by far. It’s a next-generation technology that gets rid of harshness and synthetics associated with digitally making any quality digital media sound natural and fatigue-free.

Using this technology producers of High quality equipment will make their audio products sound even better. Even more lifelike, like never before!

Read more about SpeedMatrix concept ->

Proof of concept

To complete the picture this vision of course includes not only music reproduction but recording too: the knowledge does also extend there. A unique recording set up have been developed and tried to capture this true to life sound on every stage of music technology.

The experimental work was performed under controlled conditions at Milano LaVerdi Auditorium (www.laverdi.org). The expert panel included famous musicians. A listening test was performed in headphones. This helps to separate external factors from the subjective results. The experiment was recorded on video. Please take time to watch thеse impressive videos >>>

For better understanding the test has been performed trough the audio tract including following components:

  • Unique Microphones developed by Master Leonardo
  • Analogue Lamp Preamplifier developed by Master Leonardo
  • Analogue-to-Digital Converter prototype by Master Leonardo
  • SpeedMatrix DAC Prototype
  • Kennerton Headphones
The analog signal taken from microphones has been converted to digital and then back to analog, and the result impressed these respective professionals.

Absolute quality of every of the components could only give such an incredible result!

Milan LaVerdi Conductor Jader Bignamini

Milan LaVerdi Director Rubén Jais

Media Download

To express our pleasure for your interest we grant you with a recording made in the Milan Auditorium >
Bernstein Symphony n.2 - the Age of Anxiety and Beethoven Symphony n.6 in Fa maggiore op.68 Pastorale

The Recording is the Reference because it is made according to the unique methodic in collaboration with the Conductor and in convergence with the reproducing equipment.


You can download the whole concert after registration

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SpeedMatrix DAC project is completed to prototype stage and can be demonstrated to exceed the sound quality of the best available high end audio products of today. Patents pending.

SpeedMatrix DAC Technology presentation coming soon

Berlin, Autumn 2018

Unique investment opportunity for high end digital audio. Breakthrough technology to make your digital audio products perfect.

Collaboration opportunities include:

  • Supply of SpeedMatrix DAC reference design modules
  • Supply of customized SpeedMatrix DAC modules to fit your audio products
  • Licensing of SpeedMatrix technology for your own production.

All colaboration options include complete techincal support.

If you are high quality sound products manufacturer or high end sound enthusiast, either interested about high end innovations, you are welcome to register your participation in SpeedMatrix conference.

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On the conference will also be demonstated other solutions developed by Leonardo, Amplifier and Loudspeaker.

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